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Jump Into Swimming provides lessons, which give your child the optimum chance for success. By reducing the class sizes each child receives more time with the instructor during the thirty-minute sessions.

All of our instructors teach in the water, this not only improves the communication within the group but also allows instructors to show the group how they would like certain skills to be performed. This is also great for our younger swimmers who may require that additional support while in the water.

Our lessons run upon a continuity basis, we try to ensure that your child remains with the same instructor throughout their learning experience. We have found that changing instructors can have negative effects on children. By ensuring continuity your child will build a trusting relationship with their instructor.

The instructor will get to know your child’s strengths and areas for improvement and can tailor their lessons to focus on specific swimming elements.

You can be assured that your child will be equipped with the correct building blocks to develop their confidence in the water & swimming technique.


Lesson Content

Jump Into Swimming ensures that time is spent on all four strokes throughout your child’s swimming lessons. By following a specifically designed structure to suit our four in a class lessons, each teacher will be focusing on specific elements of each stroke.

Please take a look at the specific elements that we focus on by clicking on our Awards page.

We are very keen to introduce breaststroke at the earliest possible stage of development. Breaststroke can be taught in easy to learn segments with or without flotation devises.

Once your child has gained an understanding of the initial skills, we will slowly begin removing the flotation devices while ensuring that technique does not deteriorate. From here we can fine tune technique, improve water confidence and develop other water skills as your child naturally improves strength and stamina.

We are firm believers in teaching the correct technique from the outset. If we can equip children with correct technique from day one, then distance and further skills will come naturally as they progress.



Throughout each term your child’s progress will be rewarded with our specific Jump Into Swimming Awards and Distance Awards.

Our assessments take place on the seventh week of each course. Our instructors will have the opportunity to issue skill badges along with distance badges to each swimmer.

For a detailed look at the specific criteria for each award please visit out Awards Page.


Intensive Courses

Our intensive courses run during the school holidays. Intensive lessons run Monday – Friday and are a great way to see large improvements in a short time frame.

The progress of each child exceeds that of the weekly lessons due to the repetitive nature of the course. Children have the opportunity to practices their areas of improvement each day. We cater for all ages and abilities and have found that beginners who attend the intensive courses have integrated into our weekly lessons with their newfound confidence.